5 Habits of the Top 1%

Have you ever wondered about the success habits of those at the top? I studied interviews of the habits of those in the top 1%, and these top five rose to the forefront. These five daily habits will help you achieve more and help you create the success you desire.

Habit #1. Get up early.
Early morning hours tend are productive because you get uninterrupted time to yourself. It’s a great way to set the tone of the day, and can create peaceful time just for you.

Habit #2. Read a lot.
Reading a lot improves concentration, the ability to focus, and even critical thinking skills. In addition, reading increases general knowledge, and encourages the growth mindset mentality, as readers seek to learn and become aware of new ideas and perspectives.

Habit #3. Focused Thinking.
Having quiet focused thinking time is an excellent way of getting more done in less time. Fewer mistakes will be made, and your work will be higher quality. Try using the Pomodoro Technique, which is a time management method where you will work in focused, 25- minute intervals.

Habit #4. Exercise.
Starting off your day with exercise is a habit of many people at the top. Exercise provides immediate exercise and gets both the body and mind moving for the day. It improves memory and brain function, aids in quality of sleep, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as providing many long lasting health benefits.

Habit #5. Time with People who Inspire Them.
Spending time with people who inspire you will help you generate ideas, open up your ideas to the possibilities, and they can teach you new ways of doing things. They can help you grow and be a better version of yourself. Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities.