4 Ways to Improve the Workplace for Women

Much of my research has focused on the needs of professional women in the workplace.

While some called the last two years, The Great Resignation, others called it this century’s “She-Cession,” as the pandemic caused more women to leave the workforce since post World War II. Women faced tremendous societal pressure to take on many additional roles in addition to work, including at-home teacher, cook, housecleaner, household manager, and caretaker. Burnout rose to the forefront, and many women left the workplace.

Here are 4 Ways to Improve the Workplace for Women.

  1. Close the Gender Gap
    While strides are being made, women are still paid less. In 2020, women earned 84% of what men earned according to a Pew Research Center Analysis. Employees should be paid for equal work within the organization, and should also be paid fair to market.
  2. Improve Employee Well-Being in the Workplace
    Creating additional employee well-being initiatives in the workplace is a win that will help reduce burnout and create happier employees which will result in more effective people who want to show up to work. Offering childcare or family support is a huge win for many women.
  3. Create Additional Professional Development Opportunities
    Pairing women up with mentors and coaches is an excellent way to create additional development opportunities in the workplace. Increasing access to and offering more leadership development programs is a definite win. In addition, allowing women to attend more conferences to learn and network opens up opportunity and stretches the mindset.
  4. Offer Flexible Working Options
    This should be offered and encouraged to all employees. If women only took this option and worked remotely more, yet men returned to the office, this could create additional problems, as those who would be in the office would be more likely to advance. Structured and consistent policies will need to be implemented, creating equitable opportunities for all.