My work has been featured on TV, in print, and in research publications. I also speak at events and am a guest contributor.

print media, tv interviews,
journal publications
The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work: Dr Jennifer Knowles Of Impactful Change On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together
Grown-Ups Fight for Children’s Right to Sell Lukewarm Lemonade
Why Officials from Colorado to Texas to D.C. are Trying to Protect Lemonade Stands
Taking a Stand: CO Mom Fights to Keep Lemonade Stands from Shutting Down
Grown-Ups Fight for Children’s Right to Sell Lukewarm Lemonade
Taking a Stand for Lemonade Stands
Authentic Talent Development in Women Leaders Who Opted Out: Discovering Authenticity, Balance, and Challenge through the Kaleidoscope Career Model
Application of Participant Photography: Method, Benefits and Ethics for HRD

Media Bio

Dr. Jennifer Knowles has been featured nationally in a wide variety of media outlets: TV, newspapers, magazines, and research publications.

She is available to speak and guest contribute on a wide variety of topics centered around two different areas: 1) business/leadership/change management and 2) family/lemonade stands/kids entrepreneurship.

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