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I help kids realize how they can make a difference

Here i am known as Lemonadestandmama, a mom who helped both lemonade stand and kidpreneurship laws in Colorado and in 17 states across the country! i wasn’t looking for this opportunity, but when life gave my family lemons, we made lemonade stands!

It all started when my kids decided to have a charitable neighborhood lemonade stand. the lemonade stand was shut down by police due to a complaint and lack of permits. Turns out, lemonade stands were illegal in my city, state, and in many states across the country! our story turned viral and we used the power of community to create lasting change and get laws changed citywide, statewide, and across the country.

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And check out my inspirational children’s book, “The Awesome Adventures of the Lemonade Boys” that shows how even the smallest child can make a huge difference!

I can show you how my change expertise for career can also be applied to community. I love helping kids (and their parents too!) find their voice and support causes they believe in.


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