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February 18, 2019

While I studied change in my Ph.D, it’s entirely different implementing change in real life. Putting textbook theories into action is a skill that I have been refining this past year since an unforeseen circumstance led me to be dubbed “Leader of the Lemonade Stand Movement” by CBS This Morning.

Change, defined as “to make or become different” is one thing we can all count on. But creating desired change that we envision can be harder than it looks. A change agent is someone who envisions, motivates and leads the change process to achieve a desired outcome – people who act as catalysts for change. We all have the power within us…

Here are five steps to becoming a change agent:

  1. Identify and Understand the Need for Change
  2. Understand and Research the Proble
  3. Create the Vision
  4. Build Strong Relationships
  5. Stay persistent, while remaining kind and respectful

We can all make a difference and create, manage and lead change. The first step is recognizing what you want to change.